Trevante Rhodes Talks the True Story of “12 Strong” With Miss Conversation Piece

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“The only way home is winning.”

A true hero acts in bravery to help those in need, but when the hero is outnumbered and in unfamiliar territory how do you find the courage to fight? “12 Strong” is the story of an elite U.S. Special Forces unit, led by Captain Mitch Nelson. They were the first U.S. soldiers sent into Afghanistan in response to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001. For an extremely dangerous mission such as this, experience means nothing when the odds are against you. It takes guts and faith to face imminent danger and fight. All while leaving behind family and friends with the uncertainty of returning home safe and sound.

I spoke with Trevante Rhodes (“Moonlight”), who is playing the one of the “12 Strong” from the U.S. Special Forces team. He addressed the movie being a true story. We also found out if he met his character in real life, if he is single, and if he has any potential endorsement deals in the works. Trevante also has a few other projects that will be released later in the year. He is also still enjoying the accolades from his breakout role in “Moonlight.”

“Killer Eyes”

12 Strong will inspire the brave and the underdog alike to combat adversity & have confidence to face threats with no fear. In war, you have to have killer eyes. The only way home from war is winning and this film documents the tenacity of  the12 soldiers who did just that. Yet returned home with no fanfare for their courage at battle for all Americans.

Along with the “12 Strong” movie release the book will be re-released and identically titled  to the film. Bestselling author Doug Stanton  previously published the book entitled Horse Soldiers and is the declassified true story of the soldiers that inspired this story. Be sure to grab a copy and head to theaters January 19, 2018 to see the remarkable true life story of valor and honor from some of America’s finest soldiers.