Endorsing Heather Hutt for Los Angeles City Council District 10

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As election day approaches on March 5, 2024, it is crucial to consider candidates who have a proven track record of dedication to public service and a strong commitment to advocating for marginalized communities. Heather Hutt, a lifelong Democratic activist and public servant from Los Angeles District 10, is a standout candidate who embodies these qualities. Hutt’s historic achievement as California’s first Black U.S. Senate State Director speaks volumes about her ability to lead and effect change. Her tenure under Senator Harris was marked by her unwavering dedication to being a key liaison for constituents and California leaders. Hutt used her platform to champion important causes such as advocating for women and people of color in healthcare, supporting DACA recipients, and challenging harmful immigration policies. Moreover, Hutt’s focus on addressing critical issues like homelessness, creating job opportunities in the community, and overall improvement through public service showcases her commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of Angelenos. Her platform prioritizes inclusivity, equity, and progress for all residents of District 10. In light of her impressive background and unwavering dedication to public service, Heather Hutt is the ideal candidate to represent Los Angeles City Council District 10. To learn more about Heather Hutt and her vision for the community, visit and make an informed choice on election day. Let’s support a candidate who is truly committed to creating a better future for all residents of District 10.

Press play to see why residents of District 10 in Los Angeles are supporting Heather Hutt and encouraging you to use your voice to keep Heather Hutt in the LA City Councilmember seat.

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