Television Host Jawn Murray Appears on TMZ Podcast “Piece of Pie”

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Tuesday, Television Host and Pop Culture commentator Jawn Murray is the first talented feature to appear on TMZ new video podcast “Piece of Pie” hosted by Loren Lorosa.

“I really thought this time of racial reckoning in Hollywood would break down new barriers for Black talent in this business, especially men. But the sad reality is that it hasn’t. I’m glad I was able to talk about the obstacles Black men face in this business in a way that was more of a call to action and still embodied optimism with Loren. I respect TMZ for launching a series like this to bring light to this the plight of creatives of color and the challenges we face based on race alone,” said Murray.

The series showcases amazingly talented people of color and dives into the lack of opportunities they have faced on their journeys. On “Piece of the Pie’s” third episode, Murray specifically addresses the lack of opportunities for Black male hosts.