Blast or Trash: Chel “My Name”

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With her ascension underway and gaining momentum, singer Chel is ready to make sure everyone gets familiar with her through her new single “My Name.”

The St. Louis native first made waves last year with her single “That Fire” and hasn’t stopped working since, resulting in her best work yet. 

My Name” has pop-anthem potential written all over it, with Chel delivering a soothing and sultry set of stories over the infectiously upbeat production. She just released a visual full of vibrant colors and important messaging to accompany the song, making it clear that your value isn’t tied into your appearance. 

Armed with a variety of vocal range and styles, Chel displays her versatility throughout “My Name,” effortlessly alternating between her skill set. As an artist who thrives on authenticity, Chel uses the song to give her listeners an honest and relatable window into herself as a woman and artist. She ends the video like a true Queen would, perched atop her throne as she enjoys some pizza.

Given that our names are usually the first thing people learn about us, “My Name” is a fitting introduction to what Chel is all about. 

Watch the full “My Name” video above and let us know if you think it’s a blast or trash.