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The King of the Dance Hall premiere brought out some of Nick Cannon’s closest friends and co-stars to the Legendary Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Howie Mandel, artist Brooke Valentine, Kreesha Turner and more came out to support Nick Cannon’s directorial debut.

Nick Cannon’s production company, Ncredible, is just that with Cannon not only starring in the film, but also screenwriter, producer, and executive producer of his latest project.

Filmed in New York as well as on location in Jamaica the film includes an all-star cast of Nick Cannon, Busta Rhymes, and Kimberly Patterson along with Oscar winners Lou Gossett Jr. and Whoopi Goldberg who contributed high-powered cameos.

In addition, there were tons of dancehall artist features with the likes of Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Voicemail, and Tok. This gives the audience an authentic look inside Jamaican dancehall music, culture, & Jamaican sayings.

Cannon portrays the leading man, Tarzan from Brooklyn, with Jamaican roots in a love triangle with the film costars Kimberly Patterson and bad gal Kreesha Turner.

The dance moves are crazy hot and it seems unreal what some of the dancers can do with their body. Dance competitions break out on the regular in this movie giving it a “Dirty Dancing” vibe with its realness along with the raw and dirty dance moves.

The 100-minute drama was acquired by YouTube Red after debuting on the film circuit during the Toronto International Film Festival.

From this film you will see that the way a Jamaican moves represents their “yard.” In the dancehall you can see the bishop’s daughter gyrating on dance floor to vulgar music and gangsters by day running the dancehall all night.

The master of the dance hall competition becomes heated with a huge cash prize for anyone open to the challenge. Check out “King of the Dancehall” on YouTube Red to see who is holding the title in the end.


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