Critter Fixers: Country Vets Virtual Chat

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Check out the virtual chat with Dr. Vernard Hodges and Dr. Ferguson from Nat Geo WILD – Critter Fixers: Country Vets. Both attended Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine which is the only veterinary medical professional program located on the campus of a historically black college or university in the United States. The vets discuss being friends for more than two decades, owning Critter Fixer Veterinary Hospital in Bonaire, GA, plus the low ratio of black employed vets. They treat and care of more than 20,000 patients a year across their two locations and now the show transports viewers to rural environments across the country to show the expansive range of animal care from the Deep South to the Midwest.

CRITTER FIXERS: COUNTRY VETS – Saturday’s at 10/9c on Nat Geo Wild

New episodes of CRITTER FIXERS: COUNTRY VETS air Saturday’s at 10/9c on Nat Geo Wild

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