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Rapper TMG Fresh launched the release of his newest EP “Silk Pajamas” with an over-the-top pajama party hosted by Teyana Taylor inside a stunning Beverly Hills estate.

His latest audio release Silk Pajamas is a more reflective project, painting a picture of his high-end lifestyle and what it all means. Fresh’s newfound reflections shows the evolution of a playboy who’s still looking for love amidst his life of luxury.”

As Silk Pajamas lyrics unfold on the track, Fresh makes it clear there’s more to him than his wealth. In a recent interview Fresh says , 

Mansion Music is more of a club project, virtually all the records on it were club records. Silk Pajamas is a bit slower and a bit more introspective. I touch on more of my feelings and emotions in Silk Pajamas and allow listeners further into my world and into my head. When I recorded Silk Pajamas, I was somewhat in a different space mentally but more so just further along in my development as an artist so I feel I was better able to capture and express a broader spectrum of my feelings and emotions through my music on this project.”

TMG Fresh Silk Pajamas EP Release Party in Beverly Hills Hosted by Teyana Taylor

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