Busy Girls Workout Too

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Being a busy girl in the entertainment world can make it hard to stay fit. That’s coming from someone that actually enjoys fitness and all around wellness. Late nights, open bars, and eating on the go sometimes don’t mix. Today I decided to get rid of excuses and get back to fit. I changed my diet some time ago to eliminate meat and added supplements like Spirulina and Chlorella to boost immunity and detoxify. Just doing that and adding more water to my diet helped me maintain my weight without workouts.

However, being picture perfect is a part of my job and sucking it in or being self-conscious whenever someone takes a pic with their camera or phone and deleting pics that make me look fat gets old. In fact, on a random day like today I decided to take charge of what I wanted to change. I’m not waiting for New Year’s or the first of the month, I’m starting now! August 12, 2018 is the day I make my health and fitness a priority. I want to show you some tips that can help those that want to stay fit too. Here are 5 tips to stay fit on the go:

Put working out on the schedule and stick with it.

    • 1. Put working out on the schedule and stick with it just like your nail and spa appointments. Keep a workout bag in the car with shoes, socks, and workout clothes so you stay ready and don’t have to get ready. If you’re traveling check to see if your gym has a location in the city or use the hotel gym. Yea, they have those. Usually, the hotel website will have a photo gallery of the gym and you can also ask the hotel staff for walking trails in the area.

2. Working out from home can be the most convenient, but almost never happens. I’ve been guilty of this for the past year, but anywhere can be a gym if you get creative.  You can get your heart rate pumping with just a chair and a jump rope for a good 45-minute workout. Fitness balls are great too for working on abs during a commercial break.

3. Eat before you go out and snack with caution. You can’t just ration your booze intake and eat a burger, fries, and pizza. If you need some healthy food on the go, and not a salad from McDonald’s there’s an app for that. Check out Gayot and Healthy Dining Finder app, also the website has all kind of resources.

4. Pick your parties because in LA, there is an event every day and you’re always invited right? You have to decide what occasion is worth it and plan ahead to preserve the physique. Choose low-calorie drinks like light beer or champagne, neat drinks or mix with soda water or tonic mixer. Also, drink one cup of water for each drink you have and stick to your drink limit or just order water and pretend its vodka.

5. Take on a challenge with a friend and hold each other accountable. My friend and I did a challenge where we do 25 squats every time we go to the restroom and 25 before bed. You can try one where you park a little farther away, take the stairs, or take a walk or bike when you can instead of driving. It’s a great way to handle your business and stay active. Multiple small repetitions will help build those muscles up and keep you fit.

Bonus: You can be fit and look cute too! My fitness gear was provided by @WolvenThreads. Check out their Instagram.