Nichelle Nichols From Star Trek Celebrates Her 85th Birthday

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December 28, 2017 Nichelle Nicoles celebrated her milestone 85th Birthday at the La Piazza Italian Restaurant, along with family, friends, and fans. Some of her distinguished guests included singer Robert Davi, Carmen Carter, Katrina Van Derham, Angelique Fawcette, writer/director Steven Fawcett, and singer Chantel SteinreichEURweb correspondent Miss Conversation Piece had a chance to speak to the legendary icon about her role on Star Trek as the communications officer being one of the first black female characters not portrayed as a servant and the significance of that to the African American community.

 The celebration actually included 35 of her biggest fans in which Nichelle says was a total surprise and “…coming out to see them was so good.” When asked how she felt when Dr. Martin Luther King told her he was a fan of her work Nichelle said, “It feels like I got up one morning and everything was sparkling…” Nichelle was surprised to know that EURweb knew of her aspirations to do Broadway which made her consider leaving her role on Star Trek. The renowned actress says her decision to stay was because “my career is very important to me and when it turns me around and pushes me in front of the camera, I am delighted. I love what I do and I do what I love.”

The party then commenced with all the guests singing happy birthday to Nichelle followed by cupcake and champagne toast. The celebration was a perfect opportunity for her fans and family to share all the historic attributes of Nichelle’s career. Her famous role made her a leader and catalyst for women to be considered for substantial positions in the aerospace industry through NASA as well as the acting world. What better way to honor an icon than to be surrounded by those who love and admire her the most.

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