About Us

Miss Conversation Piece began building the brand Conversation Piece Magazine in 2007. After testing the market in her hometown of Memphis, TN, she is now heading in a new direction to be the next big thing online and on your TV screen. Miss Conversation Piece is also a motivational speaker & higher education student as she continues her journey on the road to success. She’s currently residing in Hollywood spearheading her own production company, Convo Media that is currently developing a new movement and brand, “Girls on the Grind.”

Miss Conversation Piece’s GRIND is hosting, acting, & producing, but with this new project she will give a look at the accomplishments of women in various industries. The purpose of Girls on the Grind is to motivate young girls and women looking to make transitions in life. Miss Conversation Piece says that “Even though it can be difficult, a ‘Girl on the Grind’ never takes no for an answer, and never lets road blocks deter her from her goals. The mission is to spark hope & inspiration to other girls on their grind.”

Miss Conversation Piece also says of her encounters, “On your journey you will come across all kinds of dilemmas that could get you off focus. I am living proof that anyone with ambition & determination can overcome anything.” It is important to her to share her story and the stories of everyone featured in “Conversation Piece” & “Girls on the Grind.” As she explains the format of her shows she says, “I want our guests to feel comfortable telling their story here because here you get the real. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, all that. I think that really helps you to connect to your audience.”