Evan Washington Talks His Latest Series “For Evan’s Sake” On CPTV LIVE

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This Thursday on 4.23.20 Evan Washington will be on Late Night Live with @MissConversationPiece talking his latest series “For Evan’s Sake” which is loosely based on his life. Evan’s character represents black people who work in entertainment and corporate America and how they deal with the mental stress of racism and micro-aggressions on a daily basis. Throughout the series Evan gains insights from his therapist, friends, family, and sometimes a wise satyr in his dreams who doubles as a homeless man. Tune in on @MissConversationPiece Instagram 4.23.20 at 9pm PST/ 12am EST.

Late Night LIVE on @MissConversationPiece Instagram

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Twitter: @thenevansaid Instagram: @evanallcaps

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