Donna Adja Pays Tribute to “Black Panther” Success With New Single “Wakanda Forever”

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Hailing from the village of Eku in Nigeria, Afro-Pop artist Donna Adja saw the record-breaking film “Marvel’s Black Panther” and immediately had to write a song tribute. Her newest single “Wakanda Forever” was inspired by the movie and honors Donna Adja’s native land. A remarkable number of Wakanda tributes have been popping up across the world as “Marvel’s Black Panther’ continues to shine at the box office.”Black Panther” passed the billion-dollar mark globally and a sequel has been officially confirmed. Donna Adja may find her way onto the next soundtrack with “Wakanda Forever.”

After starting her career in her hometown she was hungry for new horizons & relocated to LA, where she continues sings, direct, and design her own wardrobe. The designs for Donna and her dancers in the video gives an authentic look at black excellence in Africa and the jungle life.

As you know, jungles are a little bit dangerous with intense competition & struggle for survival in which Donna overcame and used that to fuel her career. When you see Donna Adja’s new video get ready for a wild ride just like in her performances.

Some of D.Adja’s notable performances are from the Surface Festival in Central London, Dubai, and the U.S. plus some headlining concerts in Australia. As a consummate songwriter and a dynamic vocalist, Donna Adja’s repertoire of skills range from singer-songwriter to actress, producer, director, dancer, and all-around diva. Donna’s deep roots in the creative arts allow her to express herself in various ways such as designing her own stage attire. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the sultry songstress D.Adja from Delta State Nigeria whose talents are ready to shine through her music.

Press play to see the music video for “WAKANDA FOREVER” performed by Donna Adja inspired by BlackPanther:

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